The ePub Format – It’s Not All About Kindle

Although the Kindle is the most popular selling e-reader, the ePub format is rapidly becoming the new standard in e-book publishing.e_reader

While Amazon seeks to protect its proprietary hold on the e-book market, other e-readers such as Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Sony’s Reader and the Kobo range are collectively embracing the ePub format.

So, what is ePub? The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a trade and standards association for the digital publishing industry, has been set up in order to establish a reliable and complete standard for e-book publishing.

The current release of the standard, ePub 3, was approved in October 2011. This latest version has been revised to enable publishers to include audio and video clips with the written narrative.

What benefit does the ePub format offer readers? There are thousands of titles, including books, newspapers and magazines, available in ePub format. Also there is a variety of e-readers, as listed earlier.

In addition to the hand-held devices, many free ePub reading applications can be downloaded for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and other platforms.

There are hundreds of free e-books available in the ePub format. It is possible to build a free library of all the literary classics.

For self publishers, the ePub format offers a chance to break into this developing market. Publishing in ePub is just as easy, if not easier, than creating your work in Kindle format, with the added bonus of a wider range of end user platforms.

ePub also has the advantage of being DRM-free. In other words, once the e-book has been downloaded, it can be viewed on more than one type of device. Amazon’s restrictive stance on Digital Rights Management has put off many publishers from making their works available on Kindle.

Self publishers, understandably, may be a little apprehensive when confronted with a new publishing format. We at Double Head Publishing can help with a range of training courses, workshops and, coming soon, a special report on the ePub format.

If you would like to know more about how Double Head Publishing can help you to publish your e-book in ePub or for Kindle, contact us through the Double Head Publishing website with details of your project and we will be pleased to offer you a no obligation estimate of the cost.

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