Publishing Through the Espresso Book Machine

Books and coffee traditionally go together quite well. Publishing through the Espresso Book Machine adds a new dimension. While it may be nice to grab a latte while browsing through the latest editions at your favourite book store, what about being able to order you favourite read to accompany your caffeine fix?espresso book

The Espresso Book Machine is an amazing piece of kit that can produce a single copy of a bound paperback book from a database in excess of three million titles in just five minutes.

This has tremendous implications for book stores and libraries seeking to provide a comprehensive back catalogue without having to outlay ever-tightening budgets on books that might only be asked for once in a blue moon.

But what are the benefits for authors and self-publishers? How does publishing through the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) compare with Kindle or Sony Reader or the Apple formats? On the surface, EBM seems to be simpler; if you submit your work online to the On Demand Books (ODB) website, it only needs to be in PDF format.

And if you are fortunate to be near one of the 57 locations, worldwide, that has an Espresso Book Machine, you can provide your book on a CD or flash drive and the helpful library or book store staff will upload your work for you. You should bear in mind that there will probably be a fee for doing this.

The Espresso Business Machine has been around for five years. So how has it performed? What issues have there been? ODB intend to have 150 machines in service by the end of 2012 and are using the sales and service teams of the Xerox Corporation to achieve that target.

Potential buyers need to know how well the revolutionary EBM has performed and authors need to have assurance that publishing through the Espresso Book Machine will offer an additional source of revenue.

Rick Anderson, who is a Librarian at the University of Utah, provides a convincing insight into the pros and cons of using the EBM through his informative blog post. Rick, in his own words, has shared his experiences in the spirit of “How We Done It Bad”.

It seems that once the machine has warmed up and the glue melted, it performs its book creating function well. And there are an incredible number of back titles available; the issue appears to be the number of new titles, or lack of them, available.

That said, Rick shares that a faculty member was able to find and print out an obscure 300 year old German script that he had been seeking for years.

The main issue that Rick brings to our attention is centered on the search facility; more specifically on the quality of the metadata that makes it difficult to narrow down the titles that fall within particular search phrases.

Given that the EBM is a relatively new piece of equipment and currently a sizeable investment, it can reasonably be assumed that the cost will come down in time. Also, teething troubles will be ironed out.

We at Double Head Publishing are definitely excited about this; we see publishing through the Espresso Book Machine as a revolutionary development for authors and self publishers.

If you feel inspired to write a book, even just one book, and you would like to consider this approach, just contact us and we can offer you all the training and support you will need.

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