How to Boost Your Writing Career With Double Head Publishing

We would like to let you know a little more about us and how we can help you to boost your writing career. It is important for you to understand that Double Head Publishing is an organisation with its roots firmly grounded in the world of writing. We have been there. Everything we preach comes from what we have experienced.
Your Writing Career
More important is how you can benefit from our experience. We are not here to blow our own trumpets. Our desire is for you to move your career forward. Our privilege is to serve you in any way we can.

As a writer, you will have witnessed many promises of how to get your work published, either digitally or on paper. You may have joined “writer workshops” and questioned how your writing career would actually benefit from being there. You’ve probably heard how easy it can be to put a book together and publish it. But if you’re like us, something inside you questions whether you’d want your name attached to something that reflects such a lack of integrity and quality.

So, are we talking on the same wavelength? Good. Now comes the good news. As writers, we understand the joy and pain you go through as you nurture your creation. The hours of hard work struggling to put it all together; the ecstasy as you put the finishing touches to your work. Then comes the anxiety as you try to persuade someone that this is worthy of their time to publish and promote.

This is why we have put together some of the most comprehensive study courses available; why we insist on you buying one of our courses before you can join one of our unique writing or publishing workshops. We put as high a value on our support to you as you put on your writing career.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Our commitment to you should never be in doubt. Your commitment to us is something we will never take for granted. We will never allow ourselves to forget that, Come on in; the water is choppy but we will take your hand and guide you through.

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