Exciting News for all Authors and Self-Publishers

E-book readers, particularly the Kindle range from Amazon, have been all the rage over the past few months. Amazon shipped 17.5 million units during 2011 and Amazon e-book sales are forecast to reach over 750 million this year alone. For an author, Kindle provides a fantastic opportunity to reach out to this phenomenal new market place. Opportunist marketers have not been slow to spot the chance to make a quick buck by releasing “how to publish for Kindle” e-books and programs. There are many products out there that claim to get your e-book published.

Here at Double Head Publishing, we have examined the many tools that promise so much; we have tested Amazon’s own instructions on their KDP Website. This research, although time consuming, we believe has enabled us to come up with the definitive package of products and services that will help the author, whether a novice or an old hand, to be able to reach their potential within the exploding e-book market.

We offer writing courses, in both fiction and non-fiction, that will inspire the writer to be creative and imaginative. Our aim is for our publishing courses to be recognized as the industry standard. We also offer vital support to the writer with our dedicated band of proof readers, editors, graphic designers and publishers. Our marketing team will provide the best quality marketing support. We offer a complete consultative support service.

Our unique workshops will take prospective writers and publishers through each stage in order to produce the highest quality professionally designed e-books. Our innovative profit-sharing, collaborative workshops will enable budding authors to work together and earn royalties while they learn.

We will be keeping a sharp eye on how the e-book industry is trending.
We will also be introducing new training courses and workshops in various
publishing formats, for instance ePub, as the industry develops.

We trust you will forgive us for using this blog to introduce our range
of services; future blogs in this series will be more of an educational nature.
We will also share with you breaking news in the world of writing and publishing.

For now we would invite you to visit our newly launched website.

Thank you,

The Double Head Publishing Management Team

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